Rob MacGregor


When Rob MacGregor started college, he planned to study archaeology, but ended up majoring in journalism. Over the next dozen years, he worked as a reporter and editor, but never gave up his interest in ancient civilizations. Between jobs and on vacations he explored archaeological sites in Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and North Africa. Those experiences would later come in handy when he wrote six original Indiana Jones novels for LucasFilm and Bantam Books.

Rob turned to fulltime freelance writing after he met his wife, Trish (T.J.) MacGregor. They wrote magazine writing and scratched out a living while working on novels. Within a couple of years, both were published authors. After finishing his first novel, Crystal Skull, Rob adapted the script for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and went on to write half a dozen more Indy novels, all set in the 1920s.

He later wrote a Native American mystery series, including: Prophecy Rock, winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award in the young adult category, and Hawk Moon, which was a finalist for the same award the following year. Others in the series includeDouble Heart and Time Catcher.

Rob has published 19 novels and 15 non-fiction books. He has collaborated with George Lucas, Peter Benchley, and Billy Dee Williams. His non-fiction self-help books focus on exploration of the far reaches of the mind and body. They include several books on dreams and dream interpretation, synchronicity, developing psychic abilities and yoga.

Rob and Trish also co-authored astrology books together under the name Sidney Omarr for ten years. They're greatest creation is Megan, their daughter who graduated from New College of Florida in Sarasota and lives in Orlando where she works as an artist and a dog walker. In addition to writing, Rob has taught yoga since the early 1990s and he also leads meditation classes.